Dear Gossips,

Martin Short was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Canadian Screen Awards last night – now, maybe, nicknamed the “Candy”, by this year’s host Norm MacDonald. Like you know how the Academy Award is called the Oscar? The Canadian Screen Awards are Canada’s version of the Oscar. So… the Candy?

Most presenters at the show took it on – “And the Candy goes to…”

Martin Short. For obvious reasons. And his acceptance speech was delightful. Martin lost his wife, Nancy, a few years ago. I loved how he remembered and honoured her. It was sweet but it wasn’t sappy. Funny, instead. With humour, as he told the audience that it was Nancy who once said to him that, “It’s better to have loved a Short, than to have never loved a Tall…(or at all)”.

I love that joke!

Anyway, I heard Martin and Catherine O’Hara were still out partying last night at 1:45am while many of the young(er) ones went home to bed. They weren’t on the first flight out, eager to leave home, back to LA. Canada does not yet have a robust star system. I often think about the UK star system. How there are people who are working in film and television over there who are known to the people. KNOWN. Even though they’d not be recognised anywhere else in the world, they are supported by their own.

We’re not doing this yet in Canada. Why are the kids of Degrassi mobbed when they’re in Central Park in NYC and snickered at in Toronto? Why aren’t the Mohawk Girls covering more magazines? We need to do better. I need to do better.

Yours in gossip,