As you know, I’m an MK apologist. MK thrives on the esoteric. She doesn’t want to be admired. At least not by the masses.

But tonight, you’d be hard pressed to find a fan even in the deepest recesses of the fashion elites. You think she looks assy in photos? How about exponentially worse in person? And standing next to her sister didn’t help either. Her dress was horrid and uninspired, her hair was like that senile rich bag of bones old bat in the next building you always hear about who always accuses her housekeeper of stealing her baubles, her makeup was purposely ghastly, and she actually had her brows filled in with eyeshadow the colour of gunpowder, almost as if she was offering her own interpretation of Grey Gardens. Please.

Ashley on the other hand… Ashley is stunning. Very little makeup, a big bright smile, and did you know she had this body? Her body is KILLER. She’s the shortest thing ever (I was wearing flats and in heels they were barely taller) but she packs the craziest, tightest package in the littlest littlest space.

Also like the way she moves. With energy. She bounded up those steps in a very good mood on her 4 inch heels, though now that I think of it, maybe it was drug assisted. If it was, however, then she and her sister definitely use differently. Because MK was the opposite. She lethargically dragged herself across the carpet and into the foyer. She hobbled her way up the stairs, shoulders hunched over, desperate to stay “in character”, stumbling once on her dress before taking someone’s arm and heading inside.

On the bright side? She flashed some leg and, believe it or not, there was flesh on her bones. MKO might be eating.

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