Yesterday I posted Mary Kate Olsen’s cover for FASHION Magazine. Today an exclusive first look at a couple of the pages inside. As you can see – there is a Prune Consistency.

Obviously, in her mind, MK at her best is MK with Prune Face.

Agree or disagree?

I love her look. To me she’s a beautiful girl. Not sure about the prunes. Prunes once in a while, totally. Prunes every day all the time? It’s almost too regular. Is it wrong to be too regular?

That said, prune posing is infinitely preferable to open mouth posing - see Robert Pattinson. Only Jennifer Lopez can work the open mouth.

Is the same true of the Olsen pruning? Pruning is for Olsens only? Can Pattinson prune? Pattinson should probably not prune. Let’s keep popping pruning p’s!

F-ck I need a cigarette. MK smokes cigarettes. MK smokes harsh cigarettes. Marlboro Red. Seriously. That sh-t’s too strong for truckers.

Check out more of MK this week in the brand new issue of FASHION.