If Mary Kate Olsen showed up at the Met Gala and won the majority of the style vote from the masses, in her mind she would have failed. MK isn’t interested in appealing to the PEOPLE.com readership. Sure, I get that. I get that this is a statement, or something:

I’m not the baby on Full House anymore. I am a sartorial original. I am not to be understood, only to be followed.

She’s been playing this card for a while now. Almost like she thinks it’s the best mind f-ck ever.

Ok but you know what would be a new, fresher mind f-ck?

Predictable isn’t a mind f-ck. No one expected MK Olsen to look anything other than how MK Olsen looked last night. But what if MK Olsen showed up in what Emma Stone wore? What if MK Olsen put on blush and combed her hair and pranced around in a pretty red dress? Wouldn’t THAT be the ultimate mind f-ck?