It’s always better when the prunes double up but they have separate identities now. Still can’t distinguish what those identities might be but these are their wishes, we must respect them. Try.

So MK Olsen turned up yesterday at the Grand opening celebration of Otarian: The Planet's Most Sustainable Restaurant on Bleecker Street in New York. She attired herself in the spirit of the establishment in a green jacket and a full prune face. Awesome. But it really is. Because while she might be weird and remote, MK also looks healthy. Her skin is good. She’s not disappearing, and I know you will fight me on this but I do love the messy prairie hair.

Had to laugh a few weeks ago when I received an email from a Twi-Hard about “plaid and lumberjack” styles. The sender’s name is Emily:

You’re cool for giving KStew the love for her clothes but you really sh-t on Twilight too much and don’t give credit where credit it due. Rob and the twi-crew inspired fashion, style and designs. That means they are icons and not just a stupid fad. No one would be wearing the plaid and lumberjack shirts if they didn’t wear them. That is a style. Maybe not like Chanel but no one can afford that anyways. More people prefer Rob and Kris style. You should at least acknowledge it. Thanks for your time.

Why do Twi-Hards keep thinking that Twilight invented, like, everything?

Please. I don’t mean to be argumentative. But MKO was rocking plaid and lumberjack in 2006 before Robert Pattinson was even born.

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