Mary Kate doesn’t get dressed for an appearance, like last night at the "New Year"s in April: A Fool"s Fete", expecting you to like what she’s wearing. Quite the opposite in fact. Mary Kate reckons her style is esoteric, appreciated by the very few and only the “right” kind of people.

Trust me…she could give a sh*t that you’re ridiculing that head band. She probably wants you to ridicule her headband. Because in her mind, by ridiculing that head band, you are proving how unworthy you are. How you weren’t meant for high fashion, for risk, for experimentation. And to a certain degree, I agree with her.

We’re not supposed to like it. To like it would mean that Mary Kate Olsen dressed like Jennifer Aniston. Like the girl next door. For the people.

Mary Kate does not dress for the people. As Karl Lagerfeld would say,  the people are DEMODé.