The Olsens at their book launch today – some kind of coffee table piece, something to do with what influences them style wise…but marketed to whom?

Do you really need to know where MK found her billionaire street urchin flavoured inspiration? I’ve no problem ripping off her vibe now and again but I don’t give a sh-t where it came from…

Do you?

Maybe if you’re 15, right?

Therein lies the rub: they can never grow up. In that respect, Mary Kate and Ashley aren’t so different from Avril Lavigne.

Oh snap!

But at the very least they look better. And they do look beautiful. Especially now that neither appears to be alarmingly thin. LOVE Ashley’s leather skinnys. LOVE, as always, MK’s kinky waves. LOVE their addiction to black eyeliner. And word is what happened in January scared Mary Kate straight.

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