A battle brewing over their billion dollar fortune? Word is, there is tension between the Olsens. Apparently the two are refusing to be interviewed together as they promote their new clothing line Elizabeth and James and according to a Page Six source: “Something happened between them, and they haven"t worked it out. It"s been going on for a while.”

Something…what? Have heard that there was an ugly confrontation between the two after Heath Ledger died. Rumour has it Ashley was lecturing MK about laying off the happy, although hypocritically enough, it’s not like she’s a teetotaller either.

So are they breaking up? Hardly.

Don’t have a sibling but my cousin is like my sister. We’re not twins but we’re Asian which naturally means no one can tell us apart and in our 20s we used to fight. It’s what you do. You scrap and then it’s over and then you laugh about it later…

Then again, we weren’t rich as sh*t and putting things in our eyeballs and noses. MK and Ashley are 22. They’ll grow out of it, won’t they?