Who is hired specifically to get under the skin of other players. He is a goon. He is a prick. He has been called out for making racist comments about African Americans/Canadians and French Canadians. And now, he is without a doubt the worst piece of sh*t motherf*cker to ever put on a hockey uniform and call his sad self an athlete.

You wondered why I hate on Sean Avery???

Sean Avery scrapped with Maple Leaf Darcy Tucker on Saturday night. Darcy isn’t exactly ever going to win the NHL’s Miss Congeniality contest. But this time, on this occasion, Darcy’s fury was extra pronounced.

Word on the street now from a well known Toronto broadcaster who spoke to Avery’s teammate – a player for the New York Rangers – is that Darcy flew off the handle when Sean allegedly insulted Maple Leaf Jason Blake, who is battling cancer this season and who is SOLDIERING THROUGH THE CONDITION ON THE ICE!!!

What kind of dumb f&ck???

Needless to say, Darcy lost his sh*t.

Sean is now being called to the league’s disciplinary office to account for his actions.


He is dating Mary Kate Olsen. He has already dated Elisha Cuthbert. And HE apparently dumped HER – pictured here in the past.

Why isn’t Sean Avery dating Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton? They would be perfect for each other.

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photos from WENN