The trailer for Behaving Badly starring Selena Gomez came out yesterday. It’s a teen movie. I had to watch it. It met my expectations. Looks terrible.

What surprised me was…

Mary-Louise Parker. The f-ck is MLP doing in this movie?

We all feel the same about MLP, right? Like, love. Duana, I think, calls her the smart guy’s sex symbol. She’s also…an actor. And most actors need jobs. Elisabeth Shue needs a job. Heather Graham needs a job. Dylan McDermott needs a job. Cary Elwes needs a job. Jason Lee needs a job.

Was it unfair of me to have put MLP on a different level from the others?

The reality is that few of them have the luxury of being selective. Sometimes, you just have to take the job, whatever the job, to get you to the next job, the better job. Or maybe, um, Behaving Badly is actually a really good movie?