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Most of you probably know Sandra Oh best as Cristina Yang, one of the greatest characters in television history and if you call this hyperbole, we can never be friends. Some of us, however, first met Sandra in Double Happiness, a 1994 film directed by Mina Shum about a young Chinese Canadian woman coming into her double identity – as a daughter trying to live up to her parents’ traditional expectations and a young woman born and raised in Canada whose ambitions don’t line up with her family’s. It’s a story many children of immigrants are familiar with: how do you honour your ancestry while meeting your own needs? 

Mina has once again directed Sandra in a new film, Meditation Park, about Maria, played by the legendary Cheng Pei Pei, a first generation immigrant woman whose entire life was focused on her husband, her children, and her home…until she makes a discovery that compels her to figure out what SHE enjoys, what SHE thinks, and what SHE wants. Sandra plays Maria’s daughter. Here’s the trailer: 


I cried watching that. Because it was so familiar. My mother may not have been 65 years old when she first came to Canada but she too had to learn how to talk on the phone in English, how to take the bus, how to build a life entirely from the beginning. And she too talks to her friends the way Maria and her new friends talk to each other. My mother turns 68 on March 9. Which also happens to be when Meditation Park opens in Canada. The CBC calls the film “a love letter to Asian moms everywhere” but it’s also a love letter to resilient moms everywhere. I’ll be at the theatre with my mom on her birthday, March 9, to see a movie where she can, finally, see herself. 

Here’s an exclusive clip from Meditation Park


Sandra Oh was born under the sign of the Pig. There’s a happy star shining on the Pig during the Year of the Dog. Good news may be on the way, resulting in a very good mood. There’s also a high roller star that could help the Pig and it may bring in some money. Remember though, don’t let happiness make you complacent. Because, along with the happy star, there’s also a lazy star that’s focused on Pigs. It could affect your motivation. It may make you indecisive and, therefore, unproductive. 

Sometimes Pigs, during a lucky streak especially, have a tendency to get cocky and be overly picky and judgmental. Pigs are advised to work on this so as to not lose out on relationships and opportunities. Because the opportunities will be there but if you’re not considering their potential, you’ll end up watching and not doing. 

1947 Earth Pig – there’s a warning ahead. You may meet a challenge. You must stay healthy. You must be good to your body. 

1959 Wood Pig – a benefactor is there for you when you need them. If you are a Male Pig born this year and your parents are no longer alive, celebrate a big birthday. If your parents are still around, do not celebrate a big birthday.  

1971 Metal Pig – your luck is at the tip of your nose. If you have a meaty nose, there may be an expected cash bonus. If you have a mole at the tip of your nose, or in that area, you may want to consider getting rid of it. Surround yourself with celebration, go to as many fun and festive events as you can.

1983 Water Pig – you could be performing this year, and that performance will go well.  

1995 Fire Pig – Pigs born this year might be having a lot of fun at work.

2007 Earth Pig – young Pigs born this year are developing new interests. Parents should encourage them, introduce them to new experiences and challenges and invest in lessons. But these young Pigs should also be careful as they’re coming and going. Accidents happen often on the threshold. 

All Pigs are advised to not be too particular and unfairly demanding of your partners or you risk losing them. Summer Pigs may want to spend time in the water, stay close to water, hydrate. You might be ill-tempered in the Fire and this could affect your relationships. Try to maintain a peaceful headspace. 

In April and May it’s a good time to go on holiday. May and June are ideal for moving or relocating or just going out and experiencing new things. In July and August, there’s could be some traffic issues, be cautious. In July and August, cool down, do not get worked up, don’t pursue grudges, sue people, or indulge your pettiness. In September and October, a backstabber could be plotting to undermine you. Keep your eyes open and don’t be casual about who you trust. 

In December and through to January 5, 2019, see your friends and family as much as you can, plan a get-together, show them how much they mean to you. If it’s been a good year financially, be generous and treat them to dinner. Giving food and eating food is always a lucky activity. 

Tomorrow the Year of the Dog arrives. 

Yours in gossip,