Dear Gossips,

Back in November 2015, Duana recapped an episode of Scandal. If you watch Scandal, and many people do, you probably know which episode I’m referring to. It’s the episode when Olivia Pope makes a choice about her body. Six months later, Duana called back to that storyline in another rather prescient recap that wasn’t so much a recap but a celebration of Shonda Rhimes, a longtime supporter of Planned Parenthood, and how her art is “an act of activism, of feminism”.

This week, Julie Kliegman wrote a piece for The Ringer on The Future of Abortion on TV, speaking to several showrunners and television critics, crediting Shonda’s shows for how they have “dramatically altered the way we portray abortions onscreen” so that now, “not only are shows centering abortion narratives around main characters, they’re also telling stories that increasingly reflect real-life experiences with reproductive health”. Given the developments that we’ve seen over the last week, this is how art can move the conversation forward. Or protect the conversation that we’ve been having.

Shonda Rhimes was born under the sign of the Rooster. The Year of the Rooster begins on Saturday. We’ll get to the Rooster profile tomorrow. Today the focus is on Dogs.

Dogs have no lucky stars to help them this year and there’s a dark star that’s overhead that could make things difficult and leave you open to bad influences. Straight up, you need to look out for yourself and your health. Get a checkup with full bloodwork at the beginning of the year. Get lots of rest. Keep your body strong. And whenever possible, keep a low profile. This is not your year to shine. So use this time to reset, to fortify, and when it’s your turn, you will be fully charged and ready to go.

1946 Dogs should take comfort and support from allies, they can protect you. But make it a priority to stay healthy.

If you are a 1958 male born under the sign of the Dog and your parents are no longer with you, make sure you celebrate your birthday in a big way. 

1970 Dogs might enjoy new career opportunities. But you won’t be able to capitalise on them if you’re not in good health. This is not the time for a low key birthday. Celebrate with your loved ones. This should not be a problem for Mimi who never celebrates her birthday but only “anniversaries”.

1982 Dogs are the luckiest of all dogs this year. There may be a financial bonus. 

1994 Dogs should be cautious with their hearts. There may be unlucky love on the horizon. Justin Bieber is a 1994 Dog.

Love luck does not look strong for all dogs this year. Take care of your heart. Focus instead on your body, keep it strong. And be mindful when you are coming and going to avoid injury.

Things might not go smoothly in April and May. Try to relax during this time but watch your spending and don’t force any investments. Be extra cautious through July and August, especially if you were born in the autumn and winter months. Focus on spirituality this year. You will find great fulfillment in kindness and compassion.

Yours in gossip,