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Dear Gossips,

Today is #BellLetsTalk Day, raising awareness and support for mental health initiatives. Since 2010, when Bell Let’s Talk started, Bell has donated almost $80 million to mental health programs. $80 million! The goal is to reach at least $100 million through 2020. So, today, Bell will donate 5¢ for every tweet and retweet, Instagram post, Facebook video view and use of Snapchat geofilter. Click here to find out more about how your social media activity today can help end the stigma around mental illness. 

My ma, the Squawking Chicken, has POEMS, a rare and incurable blood disorder. She also struggles with depression and anxiety because her symptoms are uncomfortable, unpredictable, and, obviously, terrifying. Ma’s mental health affects the mental health of our entire family and this experience has taught me the profound impact mental illness can have on so many lives. In our case, education has been critical. My parents are of a generation and culture unfamiliar with mental health and its importance. So we have benefitted from health care providers who have been able to guide us through the process. It is the hope of Bell Let’s Talk Day that more people can be helped in the same way. Thank you in advance for your consideration and generosity.

Speaking of ma, it brings her great satisfaction to know that many of you look forward to her annual Chinese zodiac readings. A reminder that the Year of the Rooster is on Saturday which means that Friday is New Year’s Eve. In Chinese culture, we clean before the New Year. We get rid of the old, we clear away all the leftover bullsh-t, and we prepare the home for the arrival of the New Year…and new luck. We Chinese believe that luck abhors dirt. So if your place is dirty and messy and cluttered, luck will not feel welcome, luck might just keep rolling right past you. This is why Jacek and I spent all last weekend scrubbing. We cleaned behind the stove, the fridge, we wiped down all the shelves, and there is still more to do from now until Friday to prepare our house for incoming good luck. Like the basement and all the cupboards, laundry, and I have to change the sheets on Friday night and get my new pyjamas ready so I can wake up on New Year morning in new clothes. As soon as the New Year arrives on Saturday though, the cleaning ceases at least for 3 days. Because you don’t want to wash away the fresh luck. We don’t even wash our hair. If you can help it, no hair washing on Saturday! Get that done on Friday night and then feast all weekend with family, friends, loved ones. The best way to start the New Year is to be surrounded by good will. Especially if you were born under the sign of the Pig.

Last year the Pig enjoyed the protection of three lucky stars. This year there are no lucky stars on your side. But you do have a benefactor who can be of significant assistance. And you may need this because there are four dark stars obscuring your luck. Pigs, therefore, are encouraged to avoid confrontation and to be as conciliatory as possible. You will win few arguments during the Year of the Rooster. So try not to attract attention and minimise conflict.

Work life should be stable for Pigs born in 1947. You may want to consider hosting friends and family for your birthday. Hosting = you paying. Also look after your partner, be mindful of their health concerns.

1959 Pigs with careers in arts and communication may be rewarded at work this year. 

Pigs born in 1971 will be very active socially this year. But that could make you vulnerable to rumours and possible injury. Don’t be too casual with who you trust. Jared Leto is a 1971 Pig. And he’s been known to get active socially…and be rumoured about too. 

1983 Pigs might enjoy some lottery luck.

For all Pigs, this year may be tough on your relationships. If you are in a commitment, try to yield and to forgive. In April and December there may be romantic intrigue and interest. Don’t rush things and definitely don’t force it. September and October are the best months to go on holiday. This is when you’ll need extra rest. Visit your doctor for a checkup. Be mindful the entire year, but particularly in November and December, of those looking to take advantage of you, an adversary who wants what’s yours.  
Be mindful of fraud. If you are not careful, you’ll risk major legal problems.

Overall for Pigs, staying healthy is key. After February 4th, it is strongly recommended that you get a full medical checkup with bloodwork. If you are religious, connect with your faith. If not, make a charitable donation or volunteer. Remember that ma’s approach to the horoscope has always been to focus on potential problem areas on not on the happy happy because happy happy is never what we have to worry about. Take this time then to solidify your foundation so that when it’s growth and prosper time, you have a reliable base to hold up all your future luck.

Tomorrow: Dog

Yours in gossip,



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