Dear Gossips,

Oscar nominations. La La Land ties All About Eve and Titanic for the most nominations of all time with 14. Which means the backlash is coming, if it hasn’t arrived already. If the nominations are any indication, the Oscars will come down to La La Land vs Moonlight. Moonlight came in strong with 8 nominations. It is an astonishing film, one of the best films that Sarah screened at TIFF. And it is a specific film – a quality in art that Duana has written about often and discussed too on our Show Your Work podcast, in the episode Nut Crushers and Trojan Horses during a conversation about Issa Rae and Insecure. A story that is specific does mean it is exclusionary. But, to go further, a story that is specific might only feel specific because it’s not a story often told. Which reminds me of Chimamanda Ngozi’s TED Talk, one of the best talks in the history of TED Talks, The Danger Of A Single Story.

“The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.”

The presence of Moonlight this year at the Oscars, and in so many major categories, challenges the single story. I loved it so much. If you haven’t seen it, be prepared for the acting. These are extraordinary performances by an extraordinary ensemble. More on the Oscar nominations later. Now it’s time for Rats.

Rats are one of the four luckiest signs of the Chinese zodiac during this Year of the Rooster with a boost from three lucky stars. The presence of two shady stars however could make you the target of rumours and backstabbing. So you are advised to watch your mouth. Don’t offer comment unless you can back it up. Otherwise you may jeopardise your good fortune. Also, Rats can be prone to distraction, to be indirect, to not take a straight route, to run around in circles. (Ben Affleck was born under the sign of the Rat. Isn’t that SO him?) This will not help you and if you continue like this, money won’t come to you easily. You may be lucky but your lack of focus might make it hard for luck to land on you. Try, this year, to stay present and be purposeful in you decisions.

Rats born in 1948 should try to have more fun, relax, and enjoy your circumstances.

1960 Rats must be careful and steady otherwise you risk injury.

1972 Rats may be the luckiest of all Rats this year. But remember, a lapse in concentration and focus could derail that streak. (Again, Ben Affleck.)

1984 Rats will work hard and that hard work will pay off. Don’t overextend though. You must conserve energy where you can. And be careful of temptation as none of those rewards will matter if you get caught cheating. Also, use extra caution when you are driving.

All Rats, male and female, should pay attention to reproductive health this year. In July and August, look after yourself, try to stay healthy. In August and September, be extra alert when you’re in the car and particularly conscientious about safety. In October and November, watch your back when it comes to contracts and legal documents. In November and December, focus on your body. Stay strong. And through it all, again, mind your mouth. Do not let it get you in trouble this year.

Tomorrow: Pig

Yours in gossip,