Masters Of Sex Season 1 Episode 7 recap.

So. Suppose I told you I was watching this show, um, not on broadcast channels. As such, sometimes there are, er, anomalies. To cut to the chase, this is the first time I’ve seen the credit sequence, and I don’t know if that’s because it’s new as of this episode, or because of other…reasons. 

This is the most evocative – or obvious – credit sequence since Dexter. I’m not totally sure about it, particularly the animated bits. How do you feel about it? 

Also not sure how I feel about this episode. The show tries to show me, very clearly, that Bill and Virginia are having sex in a clinical way (so they think) and that they really believe they can do so but it’s going to get complicated. The thing is, I didn’t feel particularly good or bad for either of them in the end. They were doing what they were doing – just as they’d said. So what’s the big deal? In theory the big deal is supposed to be that they’re falling for each other, but…Virginia asked him to take care of Libby. Libby likes this. Bill, well, Bill tolerates this because he’s getting action on the side. It just didn’t come together for me, although I’m sure it will next week.  However, Bill’s preening about how many orgasms were had was pretty damn cute, I have to say.

The Provost and his wife on the other hand? Not cute. Even though she accuses him of playing it too cool, she’s pretty chill herself. Like it’s not as though she had a lot of moral dilemmas about cheating on her husband, even if she thinks he’s been doing it for years. So again, another kind of bloodless interaction. Of course we know she’s bothered by it, because she went to the study in search of an orgasm (which, by the way, she found pretty quickly. I know the show didn’t know if they’d get a second season, but still…). However, their daughter is 20 and it’s been six years since she was touched. I just kind of wonder why now? Other than the convenience of the good doctor?

Speaking of daughter Vivian, and the good doctor, I am almost completely won over to Ethan as basically a cute individual, even though he’s maybe re-impregnating Libby and pining over Virginia. What Vivian mostly doesn’t realize she’s missing out on is how lovely and mature he is when he’s with someone who requires it. It only takes six minutes with his lunkhead brother before he reverts back to being a caveman, but hey, at least he’s being honest (and getting sheets).

So Ethan is OK, Virginia doesn’t know what she wants, Libby is oblivious, Mrs. Provost is having her cake and eating it…sort of…and then there’s the actual Provost. So he’s gay. And he’s…60? What situations has he run into before now? Has he never been hustled? Or is it that he only came to this particular activity that he enjoys later in life? Wouldn’t that be sad? To discover at that age what you loved, finally? Enjoyed?

Sadder still because you have to be medically attended to by dicks such as Bill, who can’t find it in themselves to be anything other than completely judgmental. I know Bill is supposed to be mostly pragmatic and reflecting the attitude of the times, but he comes off as so completely heartless. Which is going to come up, I imagine, as a roadblock in his study of sex, but for now, just makes him a horrible Neanderthal and, as usual, hard to understand or like. Whether he’ll recognize this as a deficiency (read: Virginia will tell him) and whether he’ll be interested in rectifying it for academic or personal purposes remains to be seen.

Which means that for at least two weeks in a row, but probably the whole season, Jane is winning, again. Anaesthesia indeed.