Suri wants a dog

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 9, 2013 14:02:35 October 9, 2013 14:02:35

Suri Cruise goes to school. On the way she sees a dog. Suri Cruise totally wants a dog. Please mom, can I have a dog?

Just like any conversation happening anywhere in America between mothers and daughters on the school run. Except this daughter was once considered the covenant of L Ron Hubbard’s soul. What are the Sliding Doors scenarios for that?

Katie’s really matchy-matchy this morning. Let me guess. You HAVE TO HAVE these boots. Really? Because I feel like they’d be better with a zipper up a side. Anyway, if you’re into them, email Sasha at [email protected].

Sharpshooter Images/ Splash

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