Muse was at the Nordoff Robbins 02 Silver Clef Awards in London the other day and Matt Bellamy was surprisingly forthcoming when asked by the Daily Mirror about his relationship with Kate Hudson:

"Things are going great at the moment. I am very happy. We had such a good time at Glastonbury. We just have fun together and are seeing how it goes. Kate is great. We have tried to keep things private so we haven't told anyone how we met or any details like that. We are just doing our thing."

Like all the men who’ve been manslung by Manslinger, he sounds totally into her:

"I haven't met Goldie yet. We are meeting up next week. I'm quite nervous. You don't want her reading daft stories about you online - it's embarrassing when you meet someone's family for the first time. It's a little bit too soon to talk about weddings and stuff. Ask me again in a few months though. I'll let you know how it went with Goldie - and then who knows?"

In a few months he’ll be trained not to talk to the media about their relationship.


It’s seldom Kate who gets hung up over a boy. It’s mostly the other way around. As it should be. Which is why it still bites my ass how preposterous it was, those reports that she was hurting over Alex Rodriguez. Why? Because heartbreak is the only post-split state appropriate for a girl? Please.

Photos attached of Muse at the Awards in London and also of Bellamy on stage at Glastonbury and Kate in the crowd watching.

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