Let’s begin the day with beauty. You know when I wrote yesterday about Michael McIntyre’s reaction to Brandon Flowers’s face? Click here for a refresher. I’ve seen people sprain themselves after seeing Matt Bomer’s face. Jesus, I almost did a couple of years ago at the TCAs when he came out of an elevator I was waiting for. Everyone in the vicinity just stood there. Someone might have gasped. Afterwards we all told people it was like the brightest light had opened up from the sky and then we wondered if we imagined it. Only it happened again an hour later when I passed him in the hall.

Matt Bomer wipes out all sense of self-preservation. Do you want to look like an asshole, standing there with your mouth open up against a wall when he walks by because you’ve been paralysed by the sight of the most gorgeous angel? Of course not. You just don’t have a f-cking choice.

Anyway, here he is on the beach in Hawaii with husband Simon. Promotion on Magic Mike XXL is just beginning now. Congratulations EVERYONE.