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Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 9, 2012 21:30:09 January 9, 2012 21:30:09

I don’t watch White Collar. I don’t really have plans to. I see Matt Bomer photos here and there and people are always like, holy sh-t he’s so gorgeous but, I dunno, in two dimension, his pretty, it was never all that powerful to me.

Um, so, that changes in person.

Bomer was at the TCA on Friday. I came out of the elevator to go down the hall towards our press room and there it was, walking towards me, one of the craziest faces I have ever seen. It’s, like, knee-buckling how good-looking he is. And, as is the case with this kind of beauty, with the Jolie too, your appreciation of it isn’t necessarily accompanied by desire. I wasn’t panting after him or anything.

Rather, when you see Bomer, you question, as corny as this sounds, whether or not he is actually human. That’s how incredibly perfect Matt Bomer’s face is. You don’t really know whether or not he’s some kind of immortal.

Anyway, the pictures don’t support my hyperbole, I know, and the photographers that day were too busy looking for Jessica Simpson anyway which is why there are so few good shots. But I’m telling you, again, it’s like Angelina Jolie. Until you’ve actually seen her in person, you’re not getting even a fraction of how show-stopping this face is.

Wenn, Nate Beckett/Splash

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