Matt Leblanc getting divorced You must have heard by now, right? That after 3 years of marriage, Matt LeBlanc is splitting from his wife Melissa McKnight? Too bad, so sad, yet another Hollywood hookup gone awry. But the real question is - Do you smell it? Something stinks, y’all. And if my smutty sense is as sharp as it usually is, you bet your boob job there’s more to this story than we’ll ever know. Let’s back up, shall we? Last summer, Matt was caught lecherously pawing a stripper in Victoria, BC. What is it with Canadian peeler bars being the cause of celebrity breakups, anyway? First Bennifer, now LeBlanc. Is Canadian pole-dancing p&ssy particularly poisonous??? Sorry, I digress. So anyway, Matt misbehaves, the tabloids get wind of it, and instead of running to People Magazine – like a true star – for his official statement, the ex-Friend, the same one that used to bank a million per episode, Joey Tribiani himself actually contacts the National Enquirer to issue a public apology to his wife and children. Now is that weird or what? Not People, not Us Weekly, not even Star. But the National Enquirer??? I mean Matt was never true B-list blood but damn, he wasn’t anywhere near the gossip ghetto either. Fast forward 8 months and again with the National Enquirer – the first to break the news that Matt filed for divorce today in Los Angeles. Hello??? You might be sick of me saying this but there are NO COINCIDENCES in Hollywood. And for that bottom feeding rag to have scored this coup over People and Us Weekly, you know they’ve got some seriously damaging and dirty sh*t on his guy. Now it’s up to all of us to find out. Keep me posted and I’ll do the same. Photo from DListed.