It’s done. Leonardo DiCaprio will win his first Oscar for being cold and snotty in The Revenant. By now his lead is pretty much insurmountable and, as Sarah noted a couple of weeks ago, the voters probably just want to get it over with so he stops trying to kill himself. Remember when Russell Crowe beat up a dude at the BAFTAs the year he was up for another Oscar in A Beautiful Mind and everyone thought it eventually cost him? Click here for a refresher. Leo could do that this year and still win, he’s that far ahead.

And it’s not like Matt Damon doesn’t know this. Of course he knows. But he still showed up last night at Critics’ Choice, as did Bryan Cranston, and sat through all 3 hours. So… does he really respect the critics that much or is he keeping hope alive? If so, what’s that hope going to look like? Because at this point he needs a miracle.