Matt Damon and wife Luciana were papped leaving LA yesterday to go back to New York. I was at LAX yesterday too. Why is it such a dump??? Or it is just that I never fly out from the right terminal? There are 7 of them. I’ve been to 2, 3, and 7. Are they all sh-t, or just the ones I go to?

Anyway, not sure exactly why the Damons were in Los Angeles so I’ll go ahead and assume they were there, partly, to spend time with Matt’s best friend Ben and his wife Jen and to meet the new Boy Affleck, just a week old.

If this is the case, and I can’t see why not, I do love it. A lot. That they were among the first. That they are still, truly, close.

I dunno, for some reason this post made me think of the Handsome Men’s Club. Maybe it’s the final scene with Ben and Jimmy when Ben tells Jimmy he’s his “most handsome, my big handsome” (and this is not a clue to a riddle or anything more than a series of random tangents). To me the other ones, especially last year featuring that sh-tty exercise video, just haven’t been the same.