The Martian premieres tonight at TIFF. Sarah saw it today but she’s got four films on her schedule so her review for it will be posted on Monday. Her review for Jake Gyllenhaal’s Demolition is coming up soon.

Ahead of the gala, Matt Damon and the cast of The Martian were at the Lightbox for the press conference this afternoon. It’s a big Friday night here in Toronto. As you know, Matt’s a big draw. Sandra Bullock’s gala for Our Brand Is Crisis is tonight too. Joanna invoked some Oceans Eleven earlier in her post about Sicario. As you know, they’re all friends. So… there could be a major, major, major hang tonight after all the carpets.

Back to Matt – he’s in Jason Bourne shape right now: very lean, look how those pants are hanging off him just right. As the star of The Martian, he’s leading an impressive supporting cast. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jessica Chastain, and Ned Stark himself, Sean Bean. I actually interviewed Sean Bean this morning for etalk.

A lot more soft-spoken than I expected. And a lot sexier than I expected. I’m not into older guys so… that was a revelation. But yeah, I get it now, totally, although I can also feel that dark energy too that some women are irresistibly drawn to.