Here’s Matt Damon, ever gracious, at LAX yesterday and then arriving home in Boston later with his family. Damon’s permanent residence for a while was in Miami, then New York. Did we know though that he’s moving to LA? Am told that he and wife Luciana (Lucy) have bought a home very close to the Afflecks, like just a few doors down, and that after the kids do another year of school in NY they’ll be relocating for good to LA. None of my goddamn business, obviously, but why not stay in New York? I like not knowing what his daughters look like. When they get to Los Angeles, I wonder if we’ll be as familiar with their faces as we are with Violet’s and Seraphina’s. Then again, half of that, if not more, is because they want it, the ones whose children are so... present.

Ben’s been working on the Liberace biopic with Michael Douglas for HBO. Matt wears feathered hair and wide collars, curiously not unlike his bff Ben in Argo. Click here to see. That was not a hint or a suggestion. They are NOT GAY LOVERS!