The cast of The Martian, led by Matt Damon, was in London tonight for the UK premiere. So far the reviews for The Martian have been quite strong. Sarah saw it at TIFF and liked it a lot and Sarah’s hard to please. But when I saw her after the screening, she wasn’t angry at all about spending two hours in the theatre watching it. This is a very strong endorsement. Click here to read her review.

So….that didn’t take long, did it? Matt Damon tried to white-mansplain diversity to an accomplished black filmmaker (click here for a refresher), then tossed off a weak apology, and he took, what?, like two at most three days of sh-t for it? I wonder if Ben Affleck keeps texting him “How do you DO that?” Well, partly Matt gets away with it because Ben f-cks up so hard and spectacularly, he seems like an angel in comparison. Nobody remembers that Matt Damon is the guy who broke up with Minnie Driver…ON OPRAH. Like, she thinks they’re still together. He tells her they’re no longer together… ON OPRAH! And nobody got mad at him!!!

Anyway, here he is with Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kristen Wiig, Kate Mara, and Jessica Chastain who is finally wearing a dress that deserves her, oh my God. Look at those earrings against that spectacular hair, that skin. I can’t stop staring and admiring.

Also…a bonus attendee!

James McAvoy and I think that’s his sister. James is not in The Martian but Simon Kinberg produced the film and James and Simon work together on X-Men so he’s there to support his friend and make me happy. His hair is growing back. Grow faster, grow faster.