Matt and Luciana leaving a party at FELT in Boston last night celebrating the premiere of Gone Baby Gone. Sweet, non? Matt and Ben are truly, truly buds. And they haul ass for each other. At TIFF, it was Ben doing his part for Matt. Right now it’s Matt returning the favour for his boy.

Matt said last night that he’s seen Gone Baby Gone 10 times: "[Directing] is really huge for Ben. Not that writing and acting aren"t important, but directing is at a whole different level. . . . He ran this whole show.”

It’s been ten years since Good Will Hunting. How refreshing in Hollywood that a relationship burdened by success and pressure and error too is still standing. I mentioned during TIFF, she might not be all that exciting in photos but in person, “Lucy” is stunning. Stunning and stylish too – this is a good example. Added bonus: Matt adores her. The buzz in Toronto at the time was that she was pregnant. Obviously the buzz was wrong.

Still…he spoke at length on several occasions about wanting more children, being ready for more children, and trying to make time for it. But when?

While Ben’s career hangs in the Gone Baby Gone balance, Matt is on everyone’s top 3 call list. Right now he’s committed or rumoured to be committed to 4 upcoming prestige projects including the much anticipated Harvey Milk project with Gus Van Sant and Sean Penn, a Clint Eastwood production, and a screen version of Imperial Life in the Emerald City – a fascinating book by Rajiv Chandrasekaran about coalition forces living in the “Green Zone” after the fall of Saddam Hussein. An amazing read.

But on to a more smutty angle…

It’s that time of year again. In a matter of weeks, People Magazine will unveil the Sexiest Man Alive of 2007. I’m batting .500 – correctly predicting Johnny Depp and Matthew McConaughey and getting it wrong with Jude Law (no surprise) and George Clooney last year when I called for Matt both times.

I think Matt Damon is due.

Will handicap the odds next week.

PS. Have you seen Matt"s hilarious "Kimmel" moments? Particularly the ones with Guillermo? If not, you will lose your sh-t. Quick background for those who need it - Jimmy Kimmel often signs off at the end of the show with an apology about running out of time and consequently having to "bump" Matt Damon. For no reason at all. So it"s become a thing. About a year ago, Matt finally visited Jimmy and this is what happened - click here for the clip.

Obviously a gag. But to promote Bourne this summer, Matt and Jimmy got creative with the hilarious Guillermo. The way Guillermo keeps saying "Yayson Bourne"... you will cry. I promise. Click here for Matt and Guillermo.