Yesterday was World AIDS Day. Jimmy Kimmel dedicated his entire show last night to fundraising for RED. Bono was there. Scarlett Johansson showed up to sing with Barry Manilow. Olivia Wilde helped out and played a home shopping host. And then there was Matt Damon.

As you know, Matt and Jimmy have been doing this bit for years. Jimmy always runs out of time and Matt sits in a spare room and just waits and waits and never gets a chance to come on. Someone has kindly cut together all the Matt appearances from the whole show in the video below. Jimmy’s tone of voice when he speaks to Matt always cracks me up.

So Matt, for one day at least, was back in LA, helping out a great cause. I wonder though if he also had some time to campaign. Ridley Scott’s The Martian is looking like a strong contender for Best Picture. And Matt is a big part of that movie. Ridley Scott has directed an Oscar winning movie before. It’s called Gladiator. The lead actor in Gladiator, Russell Crowe, won Best Actor. The lead actor in The Martian is perfectly capable of winning Best Actor too. Matt Damon doesn’t have to lie down and let Leonardo DiCaprio run him over.

Here’s Scarjo’s duet with Barry: