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Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 10, 2007 08:16:35 September 10, 2007 08:16:35

It was all about Matt Damon for us this weekend at CTV – we partnered to present a special screening of his documentary Running the Sahara on Saturday afternoon, we hosted the Running the Sahara afterparty at 299 Queen West that night, and we were one of the sponsors on Sunday night at the OnexOne gala at the Four Seasons Centre.

Please know that Matt Damon is amazing. I still don’t quiver but I am now a big fan. Matt is gracious and generous - qualities that that cow Charlize Theron doesn’t share. More on that later.

For now…about Matt. First the philanthropy.

Running the Sahara is a passion project. A film about three dudes who decide to run across the desert and raise funds for clean water in Africa. Matt narrated and produced and he wants to sell the movie so he brought it to TIFF.

Like the best of them in the game – like George Clooney, like the Pitts – Matt understands he is the product. He understands that we will buy if he sells well.

And so he arrived to the theatre on time on Saturday afternoon, a bloody hot one in Toronto. eTalk was the first to interview him on the carpet. He had a great firm handshake, his publicist wasn’t in my face like a hawk, he kept talking even when he was prompted to keep going to the next journalist, he wanted to make sure I understood his level of commitment to his causes.

Then he proceeded to stop for every outlet on the carpet, in the blistering hot sun, sweat pouring down his face, but a smile at the ready for each person. This may not seem like a big deal – it’s only appropriate professional behaviour, right? Wrong. You’d be amazed at how many of them just don’t get it. Like that hag Charlize Theron. More on that later.

Back to Matt – same thing last night when we talked at OnexOne. He spent close to 45 minutes on the carpet. He posed for photos, he waved to the fans, he answered questions, he was lighthearted and fun and always always poking fun at his best friend Ben Affleck. Love, love, love.

And now here are the romantic smutty details. Luciana was with him the entire way. On Saturday at the Running the Sahara screening, they pulled up in a jaguar – they were both sitting in the back seat.

Now you know in any car, especially a jag, three people can fit comfortably round back. No one likes to sit on the middle hump. There was only the two of them, his publicist had arrived earlier. But Luciana was sitting in the middle. They wanted to sit closely together. Cute, non?

He got out first, helped her out. And now that I’ve seen her, standing 5 feet away from her, I can tell you 100% no question: Luciana is beautiful. She is beautiful. Our entire crew was amazed at how beautiful.

It’s true – she does not photograph well. But in person, her pregnancy glow is stunning. Yes. Pregnancy glow. Skin is even toned and perfect, the sweetest humble smile, content to fade away, and a kind word for everyone.

Both of them, in fact, are fantastically friendly. We were all at a party for the movie that night and they mingled with the crowd, Matt happily took photos with fans, Luciana chilled out beside him. But while they’re not horny and porny like the Pitts, they do have their moments.

All along the carpet, Matt was conscious of where she was, making sure to check on her every few minutes and they made eye contact often. Every time he nudged forward, he’d pat her bum…not in an erotic way, but just like – ok honey, keep moving, I’m right here.

Totally warm and fuzzy without being annoying…definitely a suitable alternative if Pitt Porn isn’t your thing.


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