In your face, Charlie Murphy.

So here’s Matt Damon on the cover of the new issue of GQ ahead of the release of Jason Bourne. The article is a series of quotes. Matt’s talking about himself. And a lot of his famous friends are talking about Matt. The best anecdote comes early in the piece, from Julia Stiles featuring Prince.

Julia Stiles: After The Bourne Ultimatum came out, there was a premiere in London. Prince actually came to it, then got tickets for the cast to come see him [perform]. We were summoned into a room to meet him [after the show]. Matt said, “So you live in Minnesota? I hear you live in Minnesota.”

Damon: Prince said, “I live inside my own heart, Matt Damon.”

F-ck it’s good to be Matt Damon. To have a story like that to tell? I would KILL to have a story like that to tell. And the reason why I know it’s true is because that is just so Prince. Not just the part about living inside his own heart …which… COME ON…but also the way he adds Matt’s full name to the end of his statement. Like “In your face, Charlie Murphy”. This is how Prince spoke. A speech quirk just like his written quirk, when he’d obsessively short-form many of his words with numbers or individual letters.

Anyway, the rest of it is all in service of proving the piece’s hypothesis which is that Matt Damon is the most well-liked person in Hollywood. The reason why it’s a good read is because of all the famous names involved, trying to articulate, in their own ways, with their own flair, why Matt Damon is awesome. Some are better than others. Some WORK HARD at it. You know who works the hardest?

Ben Affleck.

Ben’s attempts at being the quippiest and the funniest are the most obvious. Needless to say, it doesn’t work out the way he had hoped. But it’s endearing all the same his devotion to his best friend. Also he’s not as annoying as Bill Simmons. The highlights for me are Scarlett Johansson:

“The most amazing gift about Matt's physical appearance is that he can walk into the hair-and-makeup trailer looking like someone who slept directly on his face for seven hours and emerge a bona fide movie star. He has a great makeup artist.”

Tina Fey:

“People would be like, “[Matt and Ben] are so cute!” And I'd be like, “They're J.Crew sweaters. When you see all the colors next to each other, they look cute, but when you get one home, you're like, ‘Damn, I just got an orange sweater.’ ” But now that is withdrawn. In person, Matt holds up.”

(Matt’s follow-up to that quote is terrific too.)

And, of course. Because OF COURSE. Julia Roberts:

“Matty's a good boy.”

She’s the only one who refers to him as “Matty”. And she follows that up by offering, simply, that he’s a “good boy”. It’s so f-cking patronising, God. I love her so much.

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