Matt Damon was not in Dallas for the Super Bowl. Instead, he spent the weekend in Malibu with his wife and all their girls. They have a lot of girls. And he does make giant movies and is a huge f-cking movie star but somehow Matt Damon finds time to shoot 30 Rock cameos and Jimmy Kimmel joke clips and Entourage appearances and produce independent films and work as the ambassador for a charity called One X One and shoot ESPN interviews about Mike McCarthy that crack us up. A lot of them wouldn’t say yes to doing this. He says yes quite often. More often than most. And doesn’t get up in your face pretentious about it.

Maybe there is someone as busy as James Franco I WENT TO FILM SCHOOL.

As for Mike McCarthy, well, he woke up this morning a Super Bowl-winning head coach who grew up just outside of Pittsburgh which is still nothing compared to his classmate “Matt Damon”.

This is worth your 2 minutes. Promise.

Thanks Allison!

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