Sarah always talks about HBO’s Game Of Thrones dragon budget and how many times they can show the dragons based on how much money they have for CGI every time the dragons show up. And then a dragon showed up in the first 2 minutes of the Emmys. How much dragon money does the Emmys have? Matt Damon came for free though, right?

This isn’t really a post about Jimmy Kimmel as much as it is a post about how Matt Damon decided to spend his Sunday night. He got dressed up in his tuxedo and ate an apple on stage, yes, to mock Jimmy but, obviously, as we all know, as a favour to Jimmy. And, trust me, these celebrities, if they don’t have to get in LA traffic and go to an awards show, they’re not going to an awards show. You think Leonardo DiCaprio would have done the same if asked? Please.

Do you think Matt and Jimmy had a “win” bit planned as well or was Jimmy that certain that that was the way it was going to go down? I mean, Beyoncé clearly got the heads up that she wasn’t winning but we’ll get to her later. That said, everyone was predicting a win for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. That category used to be owned by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert so Oliver’s coronation was a surprise to no one. Kimmel was a long, long, longshot all along. Imagine though, given what he did last week, how that room would have reacted if Jimmy Fallon had won?