Three weeks ago I called it and it’s about time. Matt Damon can now stand up to his friends George Clooney and Brad Pitt and tell them he’s finally a member of the club. Only they have TWO. Which what they’ll lord over his head for the next few years until he gets his second. Snort.

Still…he definitely deserves it. The Bourne Ultimatum sealed his status as, literally, the most bankable star in Hollywood – according to Forbes, Matt Damon is the smartest investment a studio can make: for every dollar he’s paid, he brings in 29 more. And in a town where money means everything, Matt Damon, therefore, is the #1 Blue Chip.

And obviously, he is also a Movie Star. As mentioned during the predictions process, the SMA is almost always a Movie Star, never a TV Star. With Matt, the trend continues.

Which is why Patrick Dempsey is, once again, second fiddle.

A selection of others attached. Brava People for including Javier Bardem. If you haven’t already, definitely see No Country for Old Men. He is terrifying and nothing short of brilliant. Josh Brolin too.

But when will it be Will’s turn? Next year perhaps?