A bespectacled Matt Damon walked the carpet with wife Luciana at the screening of his new film Hereafter, directed by Clint Eastwood, which closed the New York Film Festival last night. Luciana, obviously, is pregnant with their 4th child. They are parents to three girls. And he is getting hotter to me as he gets older.

As for Hereafter, I did not have a chance to see it at TIFF. Have heard mixed reviews and I worry about my own reaction to it, especially since a colleague of mine warned “I like crying at movies, but Lainey, I know you hate that kind of over-emotional manipulation”. Will reserve judgment. Right now, having just come off my Turkey Trot, happy happy endorphins coursing through my body, maybe I won’t mind it so much.

In other Damon news – it’s confirmed that he will NOT return for the 4th Bourne, The Bourne Legacy, having elected not to reprise the role after Paul Greengrass, the director of Supremacy and Ultimatum, dropped out. It’s not a bad move. I mean, who wants to ride that sh-t forever, especially when he doesn’t have to.

Tom Cruise HAS to. Matt Damon does not. Matt Damon is working with Eastwood, with the Coen Brothers, with Steven Soderbergh. There’s a lot of work coming his way. Including work with Tina Fey on 30 Rock.

Thursday’s episode is LIVE. Both on the East Coast and the West. And Ausiello at EW.com has confirmed that Damon will be part of it, along with Jon Hamm. I’m watching both feeds. You?

Photos from Wenn.com