For a role? It’s always for a role. Hopefully it’s for a role. Because it’s a problem if he’s growing it above his lip for fun. They look so pubey. I don’t want to look at a man’s mouth and see a vagina.

This is Matt Damon and his wife Luciana at the premiere of Green Zone in NYC last night. Green Zone opens March 12th based on the book Imperial Life in the Emerald City by Rajiv Chandrasekaran. A fascinating read. I picked it up after Chandrasekaran appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to promote it. Finished in a week. Extensively researched, subversively funny, well written, and disturbing, I promise it’s well worth your time. You come out the other side perhaps with a more balanced appreciation of war management.

Not that the subject matter is the same at all, but if The Hurt Locker locks it down at the Oscars next Sunday, Matt’s Green Zone could very well benefit at the box office.

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