Matt Damon loves Gwyneth Paltrow. And many of you love Matt Damon. So do you love Gwyneth Paltrow now? Or have I just made you angry telling you that he too is up her ass, along with so many other famous people, even after she broke his best friend’s heart? Then again, most people, including Ben Affleck, understood why she broke his heart.

Matt and Gwyneth worked together, of course, in The Talented Mr Ripley. Do you remember how f-cking beautiful Jude Law looked in that film? They were so young and already so celebrated. And I remember in promotional interviews afterwards, Matt would fawn over Gwyneth’s acting ability and there’s a quote I loved so much from that time, and I can never find it online, where they’d go off pretentiously about “motivation”, and he talked about how she beat him to lighting up a cigarette in one scene, like only a champion actor would have thought of doing that, and you can just imagine what it must have been being around them then, caught up in their own specialness. Whatever. I won’t lie. I would totally have wanted to hang out. That was a golden time in gossip.

Anyway, after all these years, Matt’s admiration for Gwyneth doesn’t seem to have receded. They played husband and wife in Contagion, due out on September. During a junket for the film Matt talked about working with her again:

"I was reminded of just how amazing she is, she’s a really special actress - more so than anybody I’ve ever worked with. She’s got an ability to turn it on and off... She can just be talking about anything and then when they say, 'Rolling,' it’s like she snaps, she just locks in, in a way that I don’t understand, because I can’t do it. I’ve worked with a lot of great actors and one thing that happens for me is that a great actor is so good that they pull me right in... That’s how I feel when I do a scene with her."

Here they are together at a party in London celebrating Mr Ripley in 2000.

And here’s Gwyneth, before Hurricane Irene, at a bookstore in the Hamptons the other day promoting her recipes wearing no makeup which I kinda admire but I do wish she’d use more sunblock because… well… the skin doesn’t look great. At all. But it does, seriously, support the side of those who don’t think she’s had any work done.

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