Matt Damon continues to work on the new Bourne movie in London. Do we have a title for this yet? I don’t think we have a title yet. They’re calling it Bourne 5 for now. Whatever it will eventually be labelled, Jason Bourne looks pissed.

This is pretty much all I want to say about these photos – that Matt Damon as Jason Bourne is angry. He’s angry a lot as this character. He’s either angry or he’s confused or he’s scheming or he’s satisfied from his scheming but rarely is he content. He was…once… and they took that away from him, goddamn them.

I wonder then if Jason gets any relief from all that fury that he’s carried around for 3 movies, now soon to be 4. Does Jason Bourne get to smile in this one? Does he get to be happy for more than 2 minutes? Probably not. Because that’s the spy movie formula. Spies aren’t allowed to be happy.