Here’s Jeremy Renner in Rome today promoting The Bourne Legacy. Meanwhile over at Comic-Con this weekend, Matt Damon was promoting his upcoming Elysium alongside Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley. As expected, he was asked about his successor and, as expected, he had kind words telling E! that:

"I've only seen the trailer. But (Renner) looks great in it. When Paul Greengrass  [director of Bourne Ultimatum and Supremacy] and I were talking about potentially doing a fourth one years ago and then handing it off to someone, Renner was the guy we talked about because I'm a huge fan of his. I think he's great. And I think he fits really well in that world, like, I really believe him in that world. So I think he'll be terrific."

OK but you know what made me laugh? In the same conversation, Matt also had kind words for Daredevil. In response to whether or not he’d ever play a superhero, being at Comic-Con and all, Matt answered:

"I always kind of viewed Bourne a little bit as a superhero, or antihero character, so I kind of got my hit doing those for those years. Daredevil was always the one Ben (Affleck) and I grew up reading, we loved Daredevil, but Ben got that one."

Loyal to Ben, as ever. Which I guess is why people keep suggesting, ridiculously, that they are secret gay lovers. They are not.