Matt Damon with Halle Berry on his lap

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 1, 2013 14:52:05 August 1, 2013 14:52:05

If you’re into Matt Damon, this will only make you love him more.

He’s currently promoting Elysium. Was at Letterman yesterday. But he was also on Univision recently. I don’t know why there’s a chihuahua called Halle Berry sitting on his lap. I do know however that Halle Berry’s bewildered expression says it all, as she enjoys a 5 minute ear stroking from a big Hollywood star who gamely plays along. How he guesses that many correct is a mystery. And he’s adorable in his cardigan. And f-ck I wish I understood Spanish. I have wanted to Rosetta Stone myself some Spanish for a long, long time. This might be my New Year’s resolution, for the next time a celebrity shows up on Latino TV to play charades.




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