I should say "Oscar date weekend". Matt Damon had two dates all weekend: his wife, Luciana, and his best friend, Ben. On Friday there was a big WME party - Ben goes often. Three years ago I heard he was pretty drunk there and flirting hard with a tall blonde the entire time. This time he hung out with Matt and Lucy all night. No shenanigans. It was the day Jennifer Garner's Vanity Fair piece had come out. And everyone at that party would have read it. Matt was there for protection and support. On his watch things usually don't get out of hand. That said, it's not like he sits around playing the part of Lukas Haas. He and Lucy were actually really cute on the dance floor like laughing and goofing, really enjoying themselves. It was the same last night too. But, again, they had to look after Ben.

Both appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, with Matt "sneaking" into the studio tucked into Ben's coat. It was a totally unnecessary bit, especially since it came after Matt video-bombing Kimmel's look live with Sacha Baron Cohen. So funny. So good. So much better than him joining Ben and because of that, it totally felt like Ben needed to have his hand held. It's the only successful relationship in his life.