I know you’re out there, Matt Smith/Dr Who fans. And now you get to make out with the Ryan Gosling fans. Here they are, in Detroit on the set of Gosling’s How To Catch A Monster the other day. As you can see, Ryan is helping Matt “find the motivation”. Part of that motivation came from a total head buzz. I like it. Christina Hendricks was also assisted in motivational searching. She was not required to change her hairstyle.

This is an impressive cast that Gosling has assembled for his directorial debut. In addition to Hendricks and Smith, there’s Saoirse Ronan (please, no more Stephenie Meyer movies), Eva Mendes, and the always awesome Ben Mendelsohn with whom he worked on The Place Beyond The Pines.

Gosling behind the camera is already a very successful project. Warner Bros -- the studio loves him -- has reportedly required it for at least $3 million. (Source Deadline) Warner Bros loves actors. Gosling, DiCaprio, Hardy, they are Warner Bros boys. How about the same love for some women?