What’s up with Dandy?

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Matthew Broderick is working on a new Broadway production called The Starry Messenger. According to the New York Daily News, during the first preview on Monday night, theatergoers were bitching that he was completely unprepared, had to be reminded of his lines at least 10 times, and repeatedly muttered apologies under his breath. The next day, show producers announced that The Starry Messenger will now premiere a week later than originally planned on November 23rd. Coincidence or conspiracy?

No official word yet but some supporters are blaming it on a recent casting change that has thrown everyone out of sorts. Still others say that Broderick is notorious for cramming last minute and that these preview performances are more like dress rehearsals anyway, that they don’t count so there’s nothing to be concerned about. Theatre regulars however insist that this is not common during previews, and they are clamouring that the audience still pays for these shows and should, at the very least, be entertained by an actor who as a bare minimum requirement knows his lines. Technical issues and direction can still be tweaked. But the material, knowing the material is a must.

So what’s going on with Dandy Pants? Well… he and SJP did welcome twins. And then like a month later she went back to Sex and the City 2. And he’s trying to learn his lines. And both of them are working. And they also have a young James Wilke. And remember these photos?  Remember the Photo Assumption? These pictures were taken around the time their twins were announced…

Your smutty sense is tingling, right? It’s been tingling for a long, long time, right?

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