Oh…this is f-cking GOLD. Thanks to Valerie M for the tip. Piers Morgan introduced Heather to Paul way back. He has now written an open letter of apology printed in the Daily Mail, taking responsibility for introducing his friend to the evil golddigging capital C known as Heather Mills. An OPEN APOLOGY because as he says, with absolutely no question, Heather is a scheming, conniving liar with an enormous ego, who could not handle being Mrs, greedy and opportunistic, and completely unworthy of anyone"s compassion. The entire article is a gem, you MUST read it…but here are some highlights. Describing an occasion when they couple had had a fight: Stories soon emerged that the marriage was in trouble - at one stage I was played a tape of a message Paul had left for Heather on her mobile phone. It was heartbreaking. The couple had clearly had a tiff, Heather had fled to India, and Paul was pleading with her to come back. He sounded lonely, miserable and desperate, and even sang "We Can Work It Out" into the answerphone. And then the bitch beating begins: But I also didn"t believe a lot of what she said, and thought she was ludicrously obsessed with - and touchy about - the Press. I could also sense a growing - and even more ludicrous - irritation that she had to constantly play second fiddle to Paul. Becoming "Lady" Heather had compounded her sense of self worth to dangerously high levels, and I began hearing more and more stories of her diva behaviour. Continuing with… Let me be clear at this point. There is nothing remotely comical about genuine victims of domestic abuse. But the woman who emerges from these papers is no victim. The picture the documents paint is of a self-obsessed, demanding, selfish, whining woman, apparently intent on making Paul"s life as unhappy as possible. Every two paragraphs, another incident seems to have occurred because Heather was, by her own admission, "in a bad mood", usually because someone"s said something nasty about her on TV or in a paper. On one extraordinary occasion she even tries to get Paul to pull out of the Superbowl in America, the single biggest entertainment event in the world, because the Sunday Times is about to be bitchy about her - and Rupert Murdoch owns both the paper and Fox TV, the Superbowl"s official broadcaster. I laughed out loud when I read that. The sheer scale of her self delusion is scary. As is her hypocrisy. Heather always used to bang on about how she didn"t want people to think of her as "disabled." She wanted us to treat her as a perfectly normal, able-bodied person. Yet her court papers are peppered with constant references to her disability. She"s permanently either "crawling up" stairs, or slithering on her hands and knees on to planes, or trapped wheelchair-bound and helpless. But later we read that she"s strong enough to haul a drunken Macca out of the bath, upstairs and into bed. Make your mind up Heather, you"re either Stephen Hawking or Superwoman. Which is it to be? I felt thoroughly sickened by the time I finished raking through this self-serving rant. Any sympathy I once had for Miss Mills has evaporated. Instead, I am filled with guilt and sorrow that, as a lifelong Beatles fan, I am at least partly responsible for the hell Paul McCartney is going through at the hands of this vengeful, shameless, ghastly woman. That bitch is going to eat it, gossips. I"m going to enjoy watching…you? Read the full article here