How friggin" obvious was this? Last week everyone was questioning her hook up with Jamie Foxx. So this week she dresses her man up in matching lilac and parades him up and down the carpet flaunting their "solid" relationship. Uh huh. Still photographs don"t capture what celebrities are truly like at these events, which is why I love the arrivals shows, when you can see them tugging at their bra straps and flattening their stomachs, checking if they have lipstick on their teeth, making sure there"s no trace of coke in their nostrils. And on this night, if you watched the E! broadcast, you could see these two smiling at each other obligingly, pretending to whisper sweet little nothings at each other, totally engineering the entire photo op, and manipulating the media yet again about Eva"s love life. Don"t get me wrong - it"s a very astute, very clever play. And many people out there will eat that sh*t up. Which is why this girl will stop at nothing for attention.