In the least expected celebrity feud of the week, Matthew Fox is now at war with Harry Styles. It seems this has been something of a cold war brewing inside the Fox house and now he’s taking this fight public, talking about how much he can’t stand 1D on Conan O’Brien.

The problem is that Matthew Fox’s daughter is in little girl love with Harry Styles, just like the REST of us who possess eyes and hearts. Matthew’s daughter is a full blown Directioner. This is apparently a huge problem for MF because he “loves music”, which I guess to him means only listening to bands that end up on critics’ list?

He’s obviously got some weird hangups about what kind of music is valuable and what isn’t, hangups that seem old fashioned and boring to me. Aren’t you highly suspicious of anyone who claims to love music but doesn’t want to dance around their living room to trashy pop music? Any music lover who doesn’t have a favourite Britney song is just a plain old snob to me. It’s all just too out-of-touch-cranky-dad, Matthew. I guess all those years listening to grunge in the Salinger house really made an impression.

The irony of this story, on mother loving International Women’s Day (happy IWD!), is that Matthew Fox is worried about the influence Harry Styles is having over his daughter but like…I don’t think Harry Styles got a DUI last year. I’m also pretty sure Harry Styles was never accused of punching a lady bus driver in the box. So maybe people in glass houses shouldn’t throw their boring old man stones at lovable British super twinks, okay?

On a slightly unrelated topic, I’d like to ask you all this - do you think that whatever happened to Charlie Sheen’s face is happening to Matthew Fox’s face?