We must wait until January.

But did you see the season finale???


Who can wait til January?

The good news is by this time next year there “should” be no more questions.


Anyway, while the show might be on hiatus, there’s always time to sell. Which is why Matthew Fox is in Monte Carlo at the annual TV Festival. The international press, the European market, it’s attracting bigger and bigger stars every year. Obviously because foreign viewers account for major revenue but also because it’s an easy gig.

Hello Monte Carlo. With few exceptions, foreign media generally present less challenging questions. So it’s a couple of days in the sun, answering some easy softballs, making sure the money keeps rolling in. Not that that’s much different from a regular day in the life of a Hollywood star.


Ryan Reynolds has SO MUCH to complain about.

Sorry to digress.

About Matthew Fox – he’s hot, non? Equally so in person. And really intense. So intense he’s almost humourless. But it’s sexy.

As for how Lost will end: will it be Jack all along? The hero? The Chosen One? Shiloh Shepherd? Hope so. I f-cking hate John Locke.

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