Ghosts, Girlfriends, and a Geriatric

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Last night at the Hollywood premiere of The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, also known as How to Lose a Guy in the Fool’s Gold Sahara - Matthew McConaughey brought his baby mother along as costar Taupe Jennifer Garner hit her first carpet since giving birth to 2nd daughter Seraphina. She bores me but she deserves acknowledgement: Taupe did not and has not turned into a size 0 post-pregnancy. She will not follow in the footsteps of her peers, preferring instead to take her time, focus on baby and balance and health. Finally a realistic celebrity standard.

Also attached – the old man who married Catherine Zeta Jones. Michael Douglas plays Uncle Wayne. Is there anything wrong with Michael Douglas aging? Of course not. Except Michael Douglas doesn’t want to age. You’ve seen the incisions, right?

Anyway, Michael brought along his son Cameron with whom he has had a troubled relationship in the past. Cameron screwed up spectacularly a few years ago – drugs, arrest, jail – and Michael has acknowledged that he could have been a better parent to Cameron when he was busy winning Oscars and making great movies.

Things have turned out well in the end though. Cameron says he’s clean and that he’s a different person, that Zeta helped a lot with that, stabilising their family. He’s working on a movie called The Beautiful Outsiders. It also stars, um, Tara Reid.

And finally… one of my new favourites: Emma Stone, part of a group of intriguing and talented young actresses in Hollywood that includes Olivia Thirlby, Anna Kendrick, Kat Dennings, Martha McIsaac, you already know Ellen Page, all of them in their very early 20s, trying to become worthy of the spots that will be vacated by Portman and Knightley and Johansson, and suddenly the playground is very crowded, and this is what Jessica Biel is going up against. She can’t compete with the top tier and she’s not as interesting as the next tier. Same goes for Alba. As for Lindsay Lohan? With so much to choose from, who needs Lindsay Lohan?

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