Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Phillippe were photographed today working on a movie called The Lincoln Lawyer, based on the crime novel by Michael Connelly about a lawyer who runs his business out of his Lincoln Town Car and agrees to represent a pretty boy Hollywood skeeze accused of murder. I’ve been ragging on Phillippe lately for the sh-tness of his career. Rather amusing that’s he’s test driving the role of dickhead. There may actually be a future for him here. Kinda like Eric Roberts.

So how long before we get a beater tank-off on this set?

Please. These two are total penis measurers. There will be a lot of measuring happening during this shoot.

I’m with McConaughey. At least he knows how to have a good time. Ryan Phillippe is much too busy up his own ass to have a good time. But he has suuuuch a douche face, doesn’t he? Look at it.

Photos from Richard Beetham/Clint Brewer/