Matthew McConaughey is an Oscar winner. You would not have believed this 5 years ago. Maybe even 3 years ago. Back then he was synonymous with Kate Hudson. Back then he was good for taking his shirt off, thank you Matt Damon.

If Matthew McConaughey can win an Oscar… why not, someday, Channing Tatum?

After all, Channing Tatum, at this stage in his career, and at this age, is much more directed about his choices than McConaughey was at the same point. And connected too. Also, very popular. Both within the industry and with the public. Nice too. I will mind very much if Mark Wahlberg wins an Oscar one day. I won’t mind at all when Channing Tatum does.

Oh look, here’s another McConaughey/Tatum similarity: their wives wore essentially the same dress. On material, I give it to Jenna Dewan. That yellow looked decadent, plush, and soft. In fact, the more I look at it, the more I like it.