Matthew McConaughey can smell it. Last night he was honoured with the Hollywood Actor Award at the Hollywood Film Awards. As you know, McConaughey’s work in Killer Joe and Mud, followed by his performance in Dallas Buyers Club, is being called the best of his career, considered, by some, to be worth of an Oscar nomination. And he is BALLING.

While on stage last night, McConaughey graciously shouted out his peers and the other industry players who’ve helped him along the way. Then he made a point of talking about how and why he’s decided to “recalibrate” his professional choices so that he could focus on the craft. So, basically, no more romantic comedies and only taking his shirt off when Channing Tatum and Steven Soderbergh ask him to. Then he rounded off his remarks by supporting his film. It was…almost like an audition?

If you put me up on stage this season, if you keep putting an award in my hand, I will deliver. With my shirt ON.

And for those of you asking about Sandy…because they used to date and all.

No problem.