Here’s a man who’s grossly underappreciated for his joy giving amazingness. Because every moment for Matthew McConaughey is a Bro Down Situation. He could play a gay Englishman in his next movie and somehow he’d still do it with a Southern accent and turn every scene into a Bro Down Situation. It’s a gift, this.

Matthew recently made a guest appearance on that Guy Fieri grilling show for an episode to air this Saturday on Food. A few clips are attached below. As you’d expect, he’s totally bro’ing down. Apparently this Guy Fieri dude is his boy. So they’re all bro downy in his kitchen with some pork. Please don’t email me with an explanation about who this Guy guy is. The first time I met him it was through Saturday Night Live and Bobby Moynihan’s impression. This is enough for me.

Besides, this article is about how Just Keep Livin’ can bro down anywhere...even in a courtroom. Have you seen the Lincoln Lawyer trailer? Please. The first thing he says in it is “Let’s roll”. Then it’s all sweaty bro intensity from there.

Here are Matthew and his girlfriend Camila Alvis in New Orleans at the basketball game yesterday.

Streamline baby, streamline...

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